Radford's Railroad Layouts Page - These layouts are posted in the various threads in the forums on trains.com

"Rader's Authority of Transit" - RAT Lines.
A logging camp variation
A simple but interesting oval.

A suggestion for the beginnings of a "water wings" layout.

For morgreh on modelrailroadforums 05/11/2012


Various ideas for Grandpa Coyote's Santa Fe along Route 66.

1. Single Track

2. Double track with a few spurs

3.Same idea but as a dog-bone

4. Completely different bench work dog-bone.

The vision of using the closet space for staging and greatly expanding the possibilities of the whole layout.

Variation 1 for Grandpa's Yard

Variation 2 for Grandpa's Yard

Variation 3 for Grandpa's Yard

Variation 4 for Grandpa's Yard

Variation 5 for Grandpa's Yard


A common blob on an island. A blob in the same space but more distance and more intersting.


Pinwheel yard leads done using Atlas track

Electrical block recommendation for xxxx   Trains.com

Starting for the +Hoboken Railroad

variation for jlugar 01/08/2008


Modified layout plan for  zep1267 02/28/2009.


industrial area for Dingoix - Trains.com

Real track arrangement around Denver Union Station.  Done for electrolove on Trains.com

A representation of the rails around Denver Union Terminal in 2 feet width including the D&RGW NorthYard, CB&Q 23rd street, and C&S rice yards.  Done for electrolove on trains.com.

Yard modification for Spacemouse.

Layout in N-scale drawn for LilBeckett88 on Trains.com 10/2/2007

Christmas Layout #1 for James Baker
Trains.com 10/3/2007

Christmas Layout #2 for James Baker
Trains.com 10/3/2007

Christmas Layout #3 for James Baker 10/3/2007.

4x8 layout for Spacemouse's article.

Layout #1 for Spacemouse 4x8 design contest 11/21/2007.

Lower level - staging for Layout #1
Spacemouse 4x8 design contest 11/21/2007.

Scenery concept for Layout #1 Spacemouse 4x8 design contest 11/21/2007

Layout #2 Rat Revisited for Spacemouse 4x8 design contest 11/21/2007

Scenery concept for Layout #2.
First take at a template layout for oezmike on trains.com.  April 4, 2008.  reference link - click here

oezmike continued - December 31, 2008.
A flat mainline reconfigured to space of 11x12.6. Outside loop minimum 54" circles.

oezmike continued, A flat mainline reconfigured using 54" and 44" circles.  Turnouts added to approximately match the original plan.

Oezmike - First attempt with new specifications.  Not flat has grades.  Passenger station is in read.  Bridge in blue.  Tunnel portals in black.  I do not think the coal loader will work in this configuration unless the track can be placed do it doesn't go up the dock.  But it is a much more interesting arrangement.

Here is another concept.  Same basic shape but instead of a double-track main line there is only one.  It goes twice around the entire distance.  There are two hidden staging tracks.  It would take some engineering to figure out how to retain access to them.

Hidden holding area below.

Ok, starting to get serious.  Here is a slightly different concept where the two sides of the "U" are different.  One loops to the front and the other loops to the rear.  There is a long bridge over the track to the left.  To the upper right the station has its own separate track where passenger trains can get off the main to make their stop.  The coal loader tracks come off the high front tracks on the right making the loader be easily accessible and visible.  Likewise the industrial tracks on the left are all at the same level with the bridge as the backdrop.

For BNSF1979  April 28, 2009.

Idea for Motley's yard on trains.com 01/25/2010
For Caldermologist  July 20, 2013.
on model railroad forums

For Doc in CT 02/28/2012 on Trains.com